Gourmet and Celebration Cakes in South Africa

Gourmet Cakes & Bakes

Fancy a decadent flavoured cake, accessorised with luxury cupcakes and more?

Wedding Cakes

Bespoke Wedding cakes tailor made for your special day!

Celebration Cakes

Birthdays, Annivesraries, or ANY special occasion? We have got you covered!


We are inspired by beautiful things and we carry this through to all our decadent creations.  Supacakes as a brand have been recognised by many print and media in South Africa and we are pleased to say that we are becoming a household name in South Africa.

We are looking to expand to all area's of South Africa, so if you are interested in owning your own area agency, and have good baking experience with an awesome creative flair, then we would love to welcome you to our brand.
Please have a look at the Bake For Us page for more info.

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