Fancy a Career in Baking?


We are looking for Bakers Nationwide to Join Our Brand.

If you are interested in growing your small home based business or to earn a part time passive income then you should consider this opportunity!

The Supacakes Opportunity is a highly competitive, however it is also a very lucrative part time business option.  By joining the Supacakes brand and turning your love into a profitable part time business venture, it could very well possibly be your claim to fame!

We market the brand on a national level BUT you need to market in your direct area to create awareness that you exist. We push quality leads directly from our website to you to ensure that you stay busy for weeks!

We give you a Facebook page and you are able to set up other social media pages under your area name, as well as your very own SUPACAKES email address!

We offer training and solutions should you be stuck or need help! 

There is an initial license fee that you pay upfront to trade in your area, and a small monthly management fee to keep the wheels turning!


Please contact us to enquire if your area is still available and if we have an opportunity there. We will then forward you with the relevant information and will conclude discussions from there on. Please send us some images of work you have done when enquiring.